Sena Institute of Technology staff working in the biosafety cabinet.


SIT Foundation is a non profit 501(c)(3) supporting the growth, providing educational opportunities, research access and awareness about science and technological advancement for the youth in Ghana and the broader African continent.


Be an outstanding multidisciplinary research hub in Ghana and across Africa, by building the economic and scientific infrastructure necessary for innovation and bridge the divide through meaningful collaborations.

Collaboration research and seminar at Sena Institute of Technology


Pursue excellence in a multidisciplinary research environment.

Search for fundamental truth for the advancement of humanity.

Grow collaborations to solve African and world problems.

Generate excitement about discoveries and explorations.


Provide a shared laboratory environment for high school, tertiary institutions and biotechs in Ghana.

Promote science and technology awareness in Ghana, develop science-related careers for the youth in Ghana and across the region.

Build hands-on internship and exchange programs.

Promote cultural and artistic exchange between Ghana and global partners.

Dr. Kwasi Agbleke, Sena Institute of Technology


Andrews Akwasi Agbleke (Kwasi) is a passionate scientist who is working to fulfill one of his dreams —making science more interactive and approachable. The idea for starting a research institute came to him in 2008 when he was studying biochemistry for his undergraduate degree in Ghana. At that time, he realized science education should be more dynamic and experiment-focused, especially in order to train future scientists. He later moved to the USA to do a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, after which he started to work as a postdoctoral research scientist in Nancy Kleckner’s lab at Harvard. 

While pursuing his academic career, Agbleke has dedicated significant effort to building scientific infrastructure and research support system in his home country of Ghana through his nonprofit the Sena Institute of Technology (SIT). He founded SIT in 2009 with the long-term goal of building capacity for basic research in Africa and funded the institute’s initial construction himself.

 “Global scientific equity begins with building the capacity to empower people to develop their potential locally,” he says.

Your donation enables us to execute our mission and vision of supporting educational, research and technological advances within Ghana and the broader African continent. Donors are able to take tax deductions for donations to the extent permitted by law.

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